Box Strapping Machine in Bangalore

Box Strapping Machine

Our box strapping machine quickly secures outgoing shipments of virtually any size. It automatically adjusts the strapping tension to prevent damage on softer packages and to better protect even the largest of products. In one action, this machine cuts the polypropylene strapping, adjusts the tension and sticks the ends to give a neat and durable seal that maximises the chance of your product arriving undamaged.

Just 902mm wide and on casters, this small machine can be easily manoeuvred into tight spaces and is robust enough for use in general packaging or the harsh conditions of the food and graphic art industries.

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In Line Strapping Machine in Bangalore

In Line Strapping Machine

The Plastic Strapping Company also market a full range of top quality conventional automatic and automated in line strapping machines. Manufactured in Germany these machines are first choice for most 24 x 7 operations, who appreciate that although they cost marginally more than machines manufactured elsewhere, the after sales cost when calculated in terms of lifetime cost i.e. maintenance and production downtime is far less and quickly supersedes the initial purchase cost premium.

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Strapping Machines for Brick and Block in Bangalore

Bricks & Blocks Strapping Machine

Pack Strap offers all types of strapping machines for building industry which include brick, block, paver and concrete. Pack Strap develops and produces a wide variety of systems for unitizing and palletizing goods for transport using PET or steel strap. Each system is customized, meeting the exact packaging requirements for the respective industry and application.

Our fully automatic brick strapping machine is designed to place straps around brick. The strapping head contacts the top of the package and then begins the strap cycle around the package.

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Welcome to Pack Strap!

The leading manufacturer and supplier of polypropylene strapping, polyester strapping and strapping machines.

Get the choice, quality & service you want with professionals.

Pack Strap, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of polypropylene strapping, and polyester strapping. We serve a broad range of industries with both general and specialized packaging applications. We operate facilities in New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

Since our inception in 2000, Pack Strap has built a solid reputation as a vital and innovative leader in the plastic strapping market, with cutting edge machine technology and polypropylene strapping products which have increased manufacturing efficiency and productivity. Virtually any product that is secured or shipped can benefit from the use of plastic strapping. That’s why our solutions can be found across India lowering overall costs in the baling, commercial printing, corrugated carton, distribution, laundry, lumber, mailing, millwork, newspaper, PVC pipe, textile, unitizing, and window and door industries.

Secure pallets and products with top quality strapping

Vacuum Packaging

As leading strapping manufacturers in the India, here at Pack Strap we understand the need to ensure products are securely packaged both in storage and in transit, which is why we offer customers the best possible variety and quality with all our strapping products.

With our extensive selection of strapping materials, you’ll find just what you’re looking for to ensure items are secure and stable, whether it’s for wrapping pallets or sending items in the post.

With many industrial environments demanding robust packaging solutions for pallets, crates and boxes, our Polyester Strapping is the ideal choice for heavy duty banding material. Equally, our Polypropylene Strapping makes the perfect addition to pallet strapping kit for stabilising contents or bundling heavy items with low risk of fraying or breaking. Combined with our strapping seals, you can have peace of mind that the strap material retains tension, reducing the risk of damage to the contents.

Secure pallets and products with top quality strapping and tools.

PET Strap Applications

When you’re transporting your products on the road or putting them into storage, you want reassurance that the strapping you use, won’t let you down. Not only does our strapping come with a quality guarantee, but our in-house packaging experts will help you get the best product for every purpose – so you can secure every product and pallet, with confidence.

You can get everything you need to strap and secure pallets at Pack Strap, including polypropylene strapping for pallet loads, and steel, plastic or extruded polyester strapping for heavy duty ones. So whether you’re packaging products for storage or shipping, you can get the right product for the job. And because our collection includes both hand and machine strapping, you can choose the system that best suits your business. Pack Strap also stocks a range of strapping tools and tensioners to help you increase productivity and save time.

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